Offline data and Adobe Target

Offline data and Adobe Target

Our free Chrome Extension for Adobe Target has been very helpful with raising functionality awareness around the value that 1st-Party optimization programs bring. The extension helps Adobe Target practitioners see and understand how data is mapped, not only to the Adobe Experience ID and Adobe Target ID but also to their internal organization ID – their 1st-party ID.

This exposure has led to quite a few organizations reaching out to us about how they can get their offline data into Adobe Target. In fact, for the 3rd time in the last 30 days, we have helped three Fortune 500 and one Fortune 100 company establish processes to get their data into Adobe Target so they can use it for Automated Personalization but also for marketer driving Activities as well.

Batch files

Given the interest in getting 1st-party, we thought we would show you a quick video to demonstrate how one can easily use batch files to get data into Adobe Target.

There are several mechanisms to get data into Adobe Target. Offline APIs, Segments from Analytics, Audience Manager, mbox parameters, adboxes, and bulk updates via batch files. Given the ease by which batch files work, it is the preferred method for many organizations and the example that we use here in this video.

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