Adobe Target technical interview questions

Adobe Target technical interview questions

MiaProva facilitates scale. In fact, we have found that, on average, our customers are running ~30% more tests than before they were using MiaProva. Because of this scale, organizations often find themselves in need of additional resources to support their optimization program.

This was the case for one of our valued customers. They reached out to us to see if we could provide some technical questions to gauge the applicant’s technical capabilities in regards to Adobe Target. This role at this organization requires much more of a technical background than a typical end-user of Adobe Target due to the environment and the advanced nature of the integrated components in place.

So we did just that and put together the below list of questions and thought that others might find them interesting or helpful.

Technically focused questions

1.  Can you walk me through what this code is doing? 

<style id="flickersuppression" type="text/css">
    #LegacyVersion {visibility:hidden !important}
<style id="stop" type="text/css">
    #slm-master-content-col-rightrail {visibility:hidden !important}
<script type="text/javascript">
    (function($){var c=function(s,f){if($(s)[0]){try{f.apply($(s)[0])}catch(e){setTimeout(function(){c(s,f)},1)}}else{setTimeout(function(){c(s,f)},1)}};if($.isReady){setTimeout("c=function(){}",100)}$.fn.elementOnLoad=function(f){c(this.selector,f)}})(jQuery);
    var pname = utag_data["page_name"];
        if (pname=="HomePage") {

2.  Please create a redirect offer manually vs. using the built-in redirect offers in Target.

3. How can you set a user. profile attribute based on a mbox parameter?

4. How can you create mutually exclusive groups using profiles?

5. Please explain what response tokens are and what benefit they would bring.

6. High-level, what is A4T and how does A4T work?

7. What is the difference between Target’s Auto-Allocate and Experience Targeting Activities?

8. What is the difference between an Analytics List Variable vs. a regular eVar?

9. Can you provide an example of an offer that executes on page load vs when an element has loaded into the DOM?

10. How can you disable Adobe Target?

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