MiaProva connects Adobe Data to Microsoft Teams

MiaProva connects Adobe Data to Microsoft Teams

This video demonstrates integrating your Microsoft Teams account with your MiaProva account and what the integration provides.

MiaProva provides risk-mitigating monitoring and alerting services based on all Live Activities in Adobe Target. This service has been extended to Microsoft Teams so that organizations are made aware of any potential issues regarding the performance of an Activity – based on defined Journeys in MiaProva and with data collected from Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.

MiaProva has also extended our Program Workflow Notifications into Microsoft Teams. This allows visibility into the events within the MiaProva workflow or via our integrations with JIRA and Adobe Workfront.

Video Transcript

Connecting your MiaProva Account to MiaProva can be done in FIVE easy steps:

  1. Add the MiaProva Application from the Apps section within Teams:

2. Choose what Team you wish to add the MiaProva App to:

3. Decide on what Channel (or create a new one) within the selected Team to receive the notifications from MiaProva:

4. Provide your MiaProva Tenant ID to Teams (this is the subdomain when in MiaProva). For example, https://offermatica.miaprova.com/Home – the Tenant ID or subdomain is offermatica :

5. Copy the three values provided by Microsoft Teams into your MiaProva Account (you must be a MiaProva Test Manager or MiaProva Administrator):

and into MiaProva:

And that is it! You will be able to immediately receive performance-based alerts as well as notifications related to your MiaProva workflow.

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