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Optimization Programs and Microsoft Teams

MiaProva has delivered considerable value for organizations through our notifications as events happen in MiaProva and when there are issues related to their Activities that are Live in Adobe Target.

We’ve now expanded on that ability to Microsoft Teams. Now, organizations can update one of their Teams to get a real-time feed when a new Activity is submitted or archived, a negative lift with confidence has been seen, a sample ration mismatch has been detected, or any other of the many events that MiaProva monitors.

The video discusses the integration of MiaProva with Microsoft Teams, which allows for notifications related to workflow and performance events in MiaProva to be sent to Teams. The notifications can be configured based on roles within MiaProva and can also be sent to Slack. The integration is straightforward and notifications appear in a separate channel within Teams. The video provides examples of the types of alerts that can be configured and how they appear in Teams. A daily aggregated alert is also provided. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions if they have any.

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MiaProva Adobe Target Activity Usage Reports

Historically, MiaProva would only provide Adobe Target usage reports from when they started using MiaProva. We have since changed that and now provide reporting on their usage of Adobe Target since they started using it. Many of our customers have been using Target since 2010 or even earlier!

The video is about a new feature in MiaProva’s last release which allows customers to view year-over-year reports on how they are using Adobe Target, including activity throughput. The report filters can be applied to exclude QA activities. The feature has been updated to go back to the beginning of the company’s relationship with Adobe Target. MiaProva’s tools for efficiencies and scale have helped many customers to run lots of activities year over year. The speaker encourages MiaProva customers to check out this new feature.



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MiaProva Q1 2023 Updates

MiaProva has added new features and functionalities to their platform, including a fully operational integration with Jira and Adobe Workfront. They have also added the ability to download all data related to any live activities, subscribe to specific journeys, and limit notifications to certain roles or journeys. The Jira integration allows customers to connect data from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to Jira issues, automatically creating a MiaProva program that maps to all the data within Jira. Similarly, the Workfront integration automatically creates a MiaProva program that maps to the fields of the project. MiaProva has also added the ability to customize what fields show up in the side panel within the program section of the status board.

Full list of updates: 

– Download Swimlane information
– Program and Journey Specific Notifications
– Workfront
– Side Panel configurations
– Field length for multi/single select values
– Updated Template for Email Summary
– Add Naming functionality for Creative URL
– Updated Text on Home Page for Activities
– Removed drag and drop for General User type
– Various performance enhancements
– Images sorting


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MiaProva October 22 Release

MiaProva is excited to release two significant features as part of our October 2022 release.

First, we have Audience filters. On MiaProva’s Live Dashboard, MiaProva’s Status Board, and on our Program Overview, users can use any of their Audiences used in Adobe Target as filters to manage any of their Live or Archived Activities.

Secondly, we are introducing Charts Builder and Charts. Here, organizations can use their Custom Metrics in MiaProva to configure Charts based on any Goals or Targets they want to apply to these Metrics. All of their MiaProva Custom Metrics are available for goals and the Archived Activity Count. And all of this is correlated against your MiaProva Journeys!

In the video, Brian Hawkins from MiaProva introduces two new features that have been released in the Mia Prova platform. The first feature enables organizations to manage all their activities by their audiences. This feature incorporates audiences, whether it’s used in Audience Manager, Adobe Analytics, or Adobe Target, allowing organizations to manage all their live activities by these audiences. The second feature is the chart builder component that reflects custom metrics, allowing companies to create a visibility of what their program is doing in terms of archival by Journey. Mia Prova automatically collects Adobe data per journey, but the feature allows the addition of different organizational KPIs. The chart builder makes it easy to define the charts based on custom metrics or experimentation goals.

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How to update your MiaProva certificate in Adobe I/O

Organizations connect their Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics accounts to MiaProva via Adobe I/O. MiaProva provides a digital certificate to organizations to upload to Adobe I/O to make the connection happen.

After 12 months, Adobe automatically expires all certificates. MiaProva sends out an alert when the certificate expiration date is nearing. This video shows how to download a new certificate from MiaProva to upload to Adobe I/O, which extends the connection for another 12 months.

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MiaProva User Interface: Tools

This video provides a brief overview of the Tools section of the MiaProva application. Here you can see some of the tools we provide in MiaProva, including our popular Chrome Extension.

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MiaProva Case Study Custom Metrics

When organizations start using MiaProva, they are asked to define Program metrics for Program Visibility.  MiaProva will automatically manage the calculations behind each metric with each Activity archived and added to the Program Overview. 

This quick video highlight what some of our financial customers are doing with the metric of Application Completes.

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MiaProva User Interface Review: Create and Manage Tickets

This video provides a brief overview of the Create and Management Tickets section of the MiaProva application. Here users can create tickets, manage them across the various states, manage ideas, and have visibility of Adobe Target Activities and MiaProva tickets on a calendar.

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MiaProva User Interface Review: Happening Now

This video provides a brief overview of the Happening Now section of the MiaProva application. Here users can see all live Activities, any associated alerts, and real-time data for A4T and non-A4T Activities.

The MiaProva status board also provides management of all Live Activities and the MiaProva tickets across the various stages of the Activity lifecycle.

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MiaProva User Interface: Library

This video provides a brief overview of the Library section of the MiaProva application. Here users can see all archived Activities, Program Impact against organizational Metrics, all Offers ever used, and any Insights the team wanted to store.

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