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MiaProva and Adobe Workfront

MiaProva is thrilled to announce our custom and highly advanced integration of Adobe Workfront to MiaProva.

The video features a discussion about the integration between MiaProva and Adobe Workfront, and how this integration benefits customers who use both solutions for their optimization and personalization management. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of MiaProva and Adobe Workfront, explain the value of their integration, and discuss the benefits that customers can expect.

MiaProva is an Enterprise test management platform that sits on top of Adobe I/O. This platform enables organizations to define journeys within MiaProva using the rich data within Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. MiaProva automates the management of default data sets that get applied based on the journeys. The platform has over 84,000 activities in its ecosystem from organizations around the world and over 2200 active unique users. The robust test and personalization management platform offers single sign-on capabilities and extensive integrations with the Adobe world, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Adobe Workfront, on the other hand, is an Enterprise project management tool that spans organizations across different departments, from IT to marketing. The tool incorporates management of creatives and all the business workflows that go with them, making it an impressive tool. Workfront offers various stages or status levels of different projects within the organization, similar to the Jira world.

The integration of MiaProva and Adobe Workfront automates the import of business-end activities, test request documents, issues, and projects. The integration is fully automated, which is very exciting for customers who are taking advantage of this integration. Customers who use both solutions can expect to realize the ROI against some of the projects that they manage within Adobe Workfront, with MiaProva serving as the catalyst to stitch these two together based on the concept of journeys.

The integration offers several benefits for customers. First, it enables customers to fully automate activities coming in from Adobe Target. Second, it allows customers to manage metrics, calculated metrics, segments, and data that’s in Adobe Analytics. Third, it provides industry best practices, such as sample sizes, sample ratio mismatch, and custom alerts based on lift and confidence thresholds. Fourth, it offers a robust test and personalization management platform. Finally, the integration offers extensive integrations with the Adobe world and single sign-on capabilities.

In conclusion, the integration between MiaProva and Adobe Workfront provides an exciting opportunity for customers who use both solutions. The integration allows customers to automate activities, manage metrics, and offers a robust test and personalization management platform. Customers can expect to realize ROI against some of the projects that they manage within Adobe Workfront. With extensive integrations with the Adobe world and single sign-on capabilities, the integration offers a seamless experience for customers who use both solutions.

This integration is of enormous value to Adobe Target and Abobe Workfront users. MiaProva serves as the bridge connecting Projects in Workfront to Optimization and Personalization efforts via Adobe Target Activities. This automation is further advanced by MiaProva’s Journey concept, which buckets default metrics, segments, events, and calculated metrics from Adobe Analytics based on Journey.

Not only will this integration serve the creation of an automated knowledge library combining the two datasets, but it will also automate the ROI of each Project from Workfront, giving the organization an accurate view of the metrics each Project is making.

The video is an announcement of the integration between MiaProva and Adobe Workfront, which automates activities and optimizes personalization management for Adobe Target users. MiaProva is an Enterprise test management platform that automates the management of data sets and enables organizations to define journeys within MiaProva. The integration with Adobe Workfront automates the import of business end test request documents, issues, and projects. Adobe Workfront is an Enterprise project management tool that manages creatives, workflows, and resourcing. MiaProva focuses on optimization and personalization efforts within programs associated with Adobe Target.


Video Transcript

Activity Impressions and Activity Conversions explained. Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics (A4T)

Analytics for Target (A4T) – using Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for your Adobe Target Activities is one of the most powerful features of Adobe Target.

A4T enables several components in Adobe Analytics, including Activity Impressions and Activity Conversions. This video explains how to use them and what they mean in Adobe Analytics based on what you have configured in Adobe Target.

The video discusses activity impressions and activity conversions in Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics (A4T). Activity impressions are incremented each time a visitor interacts with an activity in Adobe Target, and same-touch attribution must be applied to accurately represent the data. Activity conversions are a bonus metric that can be obtained by choosing Adobe Analytics as the reporting source in A4T, and they can include metrics such as conversions, viewed pages, or clicked elements. Same-touch attribution must also be applied to activity conversions. The video emphasizes the importance of applying same-touch attribution and choosing Adobe Analytics as the reporting source to obtain accurate data.

Video Transcript
Adobe Target Conversion Events in Adobe Analytics Workspace

Adobe Analytics Activity Conversions

MiaProva makes heavy use of Activity Conversions via Adobe Analytics and because of that, we have gotten quite a few questions about scenarios where it might not work given the timing of the clients side calls of Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.

This post outlines a few test cases that we did to help our customers understand just how helpful this utility is and to encourage the use of this bonus success event from Adobe Target.

For those of you not familiar with Acstivity Conversions, think of it as a success metric or bonus metric that comes directly from Adobe Target and is fed into Adobe Analytics for analysis. The most common use of this bonus metric is using the Adobe Target VEC to track clicks on content. We also have many MiaProva customers that use Adobe Target Profiles combined with Target server calls (mboxes) as a metric as well. Since the Target Profile isn’t in Analytics (yet), this is a cool approach.

The Three Test cases

High level – Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics leverage both client-side and server-side components to bring you A4T. Adobe Target uses a server to server integration to port over Activity Impressions and Activity Conversions.  We validated this across three tests using an Adobe Target conversion metric and all three showed up in Analytics.  This includes a scenario where there is NO Analytics call after the Adobe Target success event.  

Adobe Target Conversion Events in Adobe Analytics Workspace

Test 1 – Adobe Target ‘clicked element’ success event via VEC with Adobe Analytics on next page

First test – A4T with an Adobe Target Clicked Element Conversion event (element was a link to another page on the same site with the same Analytics account in place – so there would be an Adobe Analytics page view call on that page).  Validated that click mbox call was taking place upon click but no analytics call until the second page loaded.

Findings:  Data from Target, Classic Analytics Reports, and Analytics Workspace is PERFECT aligned.  **In Analytics Workspace, you have to change the attribution model to “same touch” otherwise the data will be inflated BIG time.  

Unique VisitorsVisitsWorkplace Activity ImpressionsTarget ImpressionsAnalytics Reports Activity ImpressionWorkspace Activity ConversionsTarget ConversionsAnalytics Reports Activity Conversion
Activity Conversions in Adobe Workspace (Clicked Element Conversion)2628313131252525
Experience A1515171717141414
Experience B1113141414111111

Test 2 – Adobe Target conversion event ‘URL contains’ via VEC and FORM

Second test – Instead of using a Target Click Event, I used Target Conversion “URL contains X”.  This would guarantee an Analytics call would take place.  

Findings:  Data is PERFECT between Target, Analytics Reports, and Analytics Workspace.  

Unique VisitorsVisitsWorkplace Activity ImpressionsTarget ImpressionsAnalytics Reports Activity ImpressionWorkspace Activity ConversionsTarget ConversionsAnalytics Reports Activity Conversion
Activity Conversions in Adobe Workspace (URL Conversion)910292929666
Experience A66111111555
Experience B34181818111

Test 3 – Adobe Target VEC ‘clicked element’ success event with NO subsequent Adobe Analytics call

Third Test – I used a click event that DID NOT lead to a subsequent page load therefore, NO Adobe Analytics Call would take place since click happens after page render and first Analytics call took place.  

Findings:  Data is PERFECT between Target, Analytics Reports, and Analytics Workspace.  It is odd though that the Visit counts were slightly higher than Impressions though.  Conversion data HAS to be server to server and not client-side.  No Analytics call is needed for Target success event Conversion data to be seen in Analytics Workspace.

Unique VisitorsVisitsWorkplace Activity ImpressionsTarget ImpressionsAnalytics Reports Activity ImpressionWorkspace Activity ConversionsTarget ConversionsAnalytics Reports Activity Conversion
Activity Conversions in Adobe Workspace (No Analytics Click Event)6468666666555
Experience A4041424242000
Experience B2427242424555

Take away – Activity Conversions, by way of A4T, can be a great mechanism to get data into Adobe Analytics that normally wouldn’t be there. And because of the server-to-server integration between Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, the Activity Conversion data WILL be in Analytics no matter if there is an Adobe Analytics call after the success event took place.

Personalization Thursday Webinar with MiaProva

Recently, MiaProva had the chance to join the team at Adobe Personalization Thursday’s where we got to talk about Test Management.  The webinar was a great opportunity for us to share Test Management best practices that we’ve consolidated into what is MiaProva today.  Below is a quick review of the session but we recommend that you check out the webinar for yourself here:

We covered quite a bit of content in this short webinar but at a high level, here is what we shared….

Common challenges to scaling testing programs

We talked quickly as to some of the reasons why we started MiaProva and they center around the common challenges organizations face with their testing programs.  At a high level, these are some of those challenges:

– Organizations struggle to keep up with the demand for testing
Limited organizational visibility into test prioritization and state
– Very limited knowledge base of past test learnings
– High redundancy in testing the same concept
– Lack of understanding of test impact to organizational KPIs
Difficult to promote testing best practices in a large organization
– Lack of high quality, impactful test idea pipelines
Many different tools being used to manage intake and outtake of tests


MiaProva components that help solve for scaling

MiaProva Components

Next we dove into the tools we use to enable MiaProva to do its magic.  Testing is hard and running a testing program is even harder so we put together many things to make the management and the scaling of tests easier.

Among them is the heavy use of Adobe APIs, integration services that enable organizations to make use of internal and other external tools, a mobile APP, and numerous processes to streamline and provide visibility into test workflows.

We also incorporate a significant amount of automation into testing programs by way of notifications and alerts.  As part of the streamlined workflow, we provide immediate notifications to relevant stakeholders based on events within the workflow.

Alerts provide users with peace of mind as we will alert end users to issues around test results such as a lack of conversions or tests visitors, negative results, or code conflict.  We also alert end users for good things too such as sample sizes being hit and positive lift.


Streamlined End-to-End Testing Process

MiaProva Streamlined Workflow

Lastly, we dove into some of our secret sauce that makes MiaProva great for testing programs.  We walked through the end to end test workflow within MiaProva.  Each of the above sections has strategic best practices and during the webinar we dove into some of them.

Essentially, ten plus years of seeing what works and what doesn’t is what is used in MiaProva and its workflow.  We also highlighted how we incorporate user permissioning into this whole process.  MiaProva is made for the broader organization and not just for the testing teams.

Personalization Thursdays

Personalization Thursday is a monthly webinar that Adobe manages where they dive into cool uses cases, customer examples, and current and upcoming features to the platform.  We recommend registering for it if you haven’t already.  Don’t worry about having to be free during the live airing of the webinar either.  By simply signing up, you can get a link to the recording after.

Below is another call to action to this webinar with MiaProva.  Adobe also shares in the webinar some upcoming features coming to Adobe Target in the coming releases.

The Adobe Partnership

MiaProva and Adobe Target go way back.  In this blog post, Adobe highlights the relationship and how MiaProva adds values to organizational testing programs.  MiaProva stems from my many years of helping organizations build effective optimization programs using Offermatica, Omniture Test&Target, and finally Adobe Target.  MiaProva’s founders have a long history with Adobe Target and are deemed as industry expert in the optimization field. During their long tenure of supporting clients to most effectively build out a testing program, they recognize significant gaps in program management.

MiaProva is Optimization Program Management where organizations can:

•  Solicit and manage test ideas
•  Vote on test ideas based on level of effort and estimated return all while proving transparency around votes and prioritization
•  Standardize test submissions making use of industry best practices and adherence to statistical best practices
•  Leverage proprietary scoring systems for test prioritization
•  Make use of work streams that facilitate efficient and scalable test execution
•  Get automated reporting and screen shots
•  Receive alerts and notifications when something good or something not so good happens on a test
•  View tests and planned tests via Calendar
•  Manage test offers and create offer templates
•  Access a live dashboard of all tests with clear visibility into the tests that are making an impact
•  Have a Knowledge Library that is automatically generated and made available for easy consumption
•  Quickly and easily understand the impact Optimization is bringing to organizational key success metrics and what tests were the biggest drivers of that impact

MiaProva is an open platform with open services.  Our architecture allows organizations to bring in their test data any way that they like.  For Adobe Target users, it is a much different story as MiaProva and Adobe allow for all of this work to take place behind the scenes in a programmatic and automatic way.

MiaProva was originally built using Adobe’s Legacy APIs and was publicly made available using those APIs as the backbone for this cross-solution communication.  Then Adobe Target strategically moved their APIs to Adobe I/O during the decommissioning of Adobe Target Classic and MiaProva worked closely with the Adobe teams to ensure business as usual for early MiaProva customers as we re-engineered things to support both API methods simultaneously.  MiaProva was then re-architected to be 100% on Adobe I/O and the cross-solution communication couldn’t be better!

The Formal Partnership

MiaProva - Adobe Solution Partner Portal

To build on this great relationship between MiaProva and Adobe and to continue adding value to mutual customers, MiaProva and Adobe have entered into a formal partnership.  MiaProva is now a proud member of Adobe’s Solutions Partner Program.  Adobe’s Solution Partner Program is for organizations that extend or build on the Adobe Experience Cloud and MiaProva certainly does that and more.  You can find MiaProva in their Solution Partner Finder.

Adobe Exchange


MiaProva is also proudly now part of the Adobe Exchange.  Adobe Exchange is where apps, extensions, and plug-ins that have been vetted by Adobe are made available for organizations to learn more about them.  You can check out MiaProva’s listing in the Adobe Exchange here.

MiaProva - Adobe App Exchange