ECID or 1stPartyID

ECID or 1stPartyID

Question from one of our users/readers:

I have question around the bulk upload and if we can use the experience cloud visitor Id instead of the target visitor Id or first party id(another Id)?

Gen AI outline of video:

  • The transcript discusses an email received regarding a free utility created by the MiaProva team for the Adobe Target Community.
  • The email in question asks if the Experience Cloud visitor ID can be used instead of the target visitor ID or first-party ID for bulk uploads, and the answer is yes, it can.
  • The transcript encourages using the first-party ID for various reasons but acknowledges that the Experience Cloud ID can be a suitable backup.
  • It mentions a Chrome extension and utility for Adobe Target’s visitor ID and demonstrates how the Adobe Target ID can be passed as an Mbox third-party ID.
  • The transcript explains that there are two templates provided by Mopo for uploading data, one for Adobe Target IDs and another for first-party IDs or Adobe’s Experience Cloud ID. It describes the process of using these templates to upload data.
Video Transcript

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