Optimization Programs and Microsoft Teams

Optimization Programs and Microsoft Teams

MiaProva has delivered considerable value for organizations through our notifications as events happen in MiaProva and when there are issues related to their Activities that are Live in Adobe Target.

We’ve now expanded on that ability to Microsoft Teams. Now, organizations can update one of their Teams to get a real-time feed when a new Activity is submitted or archived, a negative lift with confidence has been seen, a sample ration mismatch has been detected, or any other of the many events that MiaProva monitors.

The video discusses the integration of MiaProva with Microsoft Teams, which allows for notifications related to workflow and performance events in MiaProva to be sent to Teams. The notifications can be configured based on roles within MiaProva and can also be sent to Slack. The integration is straightforward and notifications appear in a separate channel within Teams. The video provides examples of the types of alerts that can be configured and how they appear in Teams. A daily aggregated alert is also provided. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions if they have any.

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