MiaProva October 22 Release

MiaProva October 22 Release

MiaProva is excited to release two significant features as part of our October 2022 release.

First, we have Audience filters. On MiaProva’s Live Dashboard, MiaProva’s Status Board, and on our Program Overview, users can use any of their Audiences used in Adobe Target as filters to manage any of their Live or Archived Activities.

Secondly, we are introducing Charts Builder and Charts. Here, organizations can use their Custom Metrics in MiaProva to configure Charts based on any Goals or Targets they want to apply to these Metrics. All of their MiaProva Custom Metrics are available for goals and the Archived Activity Count. And all of this is correlated against your MiaProva Journeys!

In the video, Brian Hawkins from MiaProva introduces two new features that have been released in the Mia Prova platform. The first feature enables organizations to manage all their activities by their audiences. This feature incorporates audiences, whether it’s used in Audience Manager, Adobe Analytics, or Adobe Target, allowing organizations to manage all their live activities by these audiences. The second feature is the chart builder component that reflects custom metrics, allowing companies to create a visibility of what their program is doing in terms of archival by Journey. Mia Prova automatically collects Adobe data per journey, but the feature allows the addition of different organizational KPIs. The chart builder makes it easy to define the charts based on custom metrics or experimentation goals.

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