Personalization Thursday Webinar with MiaProva

Personalization Thursday Webinar with MiaProva

Recently, MiaProva had the chance to join the team at Adobe Personalization Thursday’s where we got to talk about Test Management.  The webinar was a great opportunity for us to share Test Management best practices that we’ve consolidated into what is MiaProva today.  Below is a quick review of the session but we recommend that you check out the webinar for yourself here:

We covered quite a bit of content in this short webinar but at a high level, here is what we shared….

Common challenges to scaling testing programs

We talked quickly as to some of the reasons why we started MiaProva and they center around the common challenges organizations face with their testing programs.  At a high level, these are some of those challenges:

– Organizations struggle to keep up with the demand for testing
Limited organizational visibility into test prioritization and state
– Very limited knowledge base of past test learnings
– High redundancy in testing the same concept
– Lack of understanding of test impact to organizational KPIs
Difficult to promote testing best practices in a large organization
– Lack of high quality, impactful test idea pipelines
Many different tools being used to manage intake and outtake of tests


MiaProva components that help solve for scaling

MiaProva Components

Next we dove into the tools we use to enable MiaProva to do its magic.  Testing is hard and running a testing program is even harder so we put together many things to make the management and the scaling of tests easier.

Among them is the heavy use of Adobe APIs, integration services that enable organizations to make use of internal and other external tools, a mobile APP, and numerous processes to streamline and provide visibility into test workflows.

We also incorporate a significant amount of automation into testing programs by way of notifications and alerts.  As part of the streamlined workflow, we provide immediate notifications to relevant stakeholders based on events within the workflow.

Alerts provide users with peace of mind as we will alert end users to issues around test results such as a lack of conversions or tests visitors, negative results, or code conflict.  We also alert end users for good things too such as sample sizes being hit and positive lift.


Streamlined End-to-End Testing Process

MiaProva Streamlined Workflow

Lastly, we dove into some of our secret sauce that makes MiaProva great for testing programs.  We walked through the end to end test workflow within MiaProva.  Each of the above sections has strategic best practices and during the webinar we dove into some of them.

Essentially, ten plus years of seeing what works and what doesn’t is what is used in MiaProva and its workflow.  We also highlighted how we incorporate user permissioning into this whole process.  MiaProva is made for the broader organization and not just for the testing teams.

Personalization Thursdays

Personalization Thursday is a monthly webinar that Adobe manages where they dive into cool uses cases, customer examples, and current and upcoming features to the platform.  We recommend registering for it if you haven’t already.  Don’t worry about having to be free during the live airing of the webinar either.  By simply signing up, you can get a link to the recording after.

Below is another call to action to this webinar with MiaProva.  Adobe also shares in the webinar some upcoming features coming to Adobe Target in the coming releases.

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