Activity Impressions and Activity Conversions explained. Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics (A4T)

Analytics for Target (A4T) – using Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for your Adobe Target Activities is one of the most powerful features of Adobe Target.

A4T enables several components in Adobe Analytics, including Activity Impressions and Activity Conversions. This video explains how to use them and what they mean in Adobe Analytics based on what you have configured in Adobe Target.

The video discusses activity impressions and activity conversions in Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics (A4T). Activity impressions are incremented each time a visitor interacts with an activity in Adobe Target, and same-touch attribution must be applied to accurately represent the data. Activity conversions are a bonus metric that can be obtained by choosing Adobe Analytics as the reporting source in A4T, and they can include metrics such as conversions, viewed pages, or clicked elements. Same-touch attribution must also be applied to activity conversions. The video emphasizes the importance of applying same-touch attribution and choosing Adobe Analytics as the reporting source to obtain accurate data.

Video Transcript

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