MiaProva Product


MiaProva built this free utility to allow organizations to quickly and easily upload data to Adobe Target for targeting and personalization services. This video also explains how Adobe Target enables users to use the visitor ID Adobe Target provides and how to leverage your own internal definition of the visitor ID.

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Adobe Target Geo Targeting

This video will maybe help those Adobe Target users with debugging or validating the Geo-Targeting capabilities within Adobe Target. We wrote this blog post some time ago that allows users to see what Adobe Target Geo meta-data is mapped to your IP address and that has generated many inquiries to us and we hope this video helps with that.

Blog Post: https://www.miaprova.com/blog/adobe-target-geo-targeting/

Debugging Example URL (remember to go incognito or clear cookies to spoof your IP address): https://www.miaprova.com/blog/adobe-target-geo-targeting/?mboxOverride.browserIp=

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