MiaProva Past Learnings

Effectively retaining past test learning helps organizations to gain, over time, a comprehensive body of knowledge about the site section that they are optimizing. In addition, it helps to avoid the pitfall of repeatedly testing similar concept by different teams as organization changes over time.

MiaProva to a large extent automates the knowledge library that collects all past test details and learning. Minimum manual effort is needed by testing managers to update the library, and MiaProva provides a powerful text-search engine to allow end users to quickly find relevant tests by keywords.

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MiaProva Automated test screenshots, reporting, and communication

A well-rounded testing program not only requires innovative strategy and flawless execution, but also solid reporting and documentation of learning.  

Many testing teams find the reporting and documentation work time-consuming, manual and repetitive.

MiaProva leverages your existing testing solution’s data integration APIs and automates significant amount of testing reports.

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MiaProva Calendar

Can you quickly recall what tests were run 6 months ago on the homepage, and if the particular marketing promotion event during that week impacted the test readouts? How about knowing that 18 days ago, there happen to be an IT issue on the site that prevented some customers accessing the page that you’re testing, rendering the test ineffective?

MiaProva understands that calendar is a great way to maintain a collective memory for the Testing Program, as well as offering everyone a direct, visual view to see what’s going on.

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MiaProva App

Your business partners often want on-demand updates of how their tests are doing, as well as transparency around where their tests are in the global prioritization queue. In an increasingly AI-driven, Alexa/Siri smart home world, they do not necessarily want to log in a tool to read dashboards.

MiaProva’s intelligent Mobile App takes a humanized Q&A approach to directly answer some most key test questions that end users might have.  Instead of having to find answers in complex dashboards, business stakeholders can simply ask MiaProva’s smart app questions such as ‘how is my test doing’, either through voice interaction or click-n-see.

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MiaProva One Work Flow

Testing demands very strong cross functional collaboration in any organization, and testing managers often need to manage complex dependencies and varying timelines from different internal teams involved.

MiaProva is the industry first, streamlined workflow management tool developed by and for testing professionals!

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MiaProva Show&Tell

MiaProva enables organizations to quickly and easily highlight the direct impact tests are making on organizational goals. Users of MiaProva can also make use of a wide array of strategic filters to make test review and communication seamless.

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