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What if you want to use an Adobe Analytics Calculated Metric as an Adobe Target success goal?

This video provides users of Adobe Target a nice option if you want to use an Adobe Analytics Calculated Metric as a custom goal. Bonus tip: Passing pageName to Adobe Target mboxes is a very helpful utility for many reasons!

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Interesting Adobe Target mbox3rdPartyId question

Here we address a measure slack question regarding how the mbox3rdPartyId is stitched to Activities, and Adobe Target will always show each mbox3rdPartyId their original assignment.

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How you can modify content on pages included in Adobe Target redirect Activities


MiaProva built this free utility to allow organizations to quickly and easily upload data to Adobe Target for targeting and personalization services. This video also explains how Adobe Target enables users to use the visitor ID Adobe Target provides and how to leverage your own internal definition of the visitor ID.

Adobe Target audience conflicts

Adobe Target allows you to target audiences that are not in other tests. But what happens if two activities are running at the exact location? What will Target do?

This video answers that and explains how you can manage things differently.

Adobe Target Audiences and Locations

Over the years, we have gotten many requests from customers asking for clarity around how best to use Adobe Target Audiences and Locations when setting up Activities via the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) or Form-based creation.

This video will share best practices and explain how best to leverage the functionality.

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Adobe Target Local Storage

This video demonstrates how easy it is to get data from Local Storage to Adobe Target for audience creation and to target.

Spoiler Alert: This video shows how to see today’s Wordle answer, so please don’t watch it if you don’t want to see it.

Adobe Target and Local Storage

Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to know today’s Wordle answer or how to access the solution without playing, please do not watch the video below.

Local Storage

Most websites widely use local Storage to store and access data. This data doesn’t expire like cookies and can hold considerably more data than cookies. Because of this, it is no surprise that there can be rich data to arm a testing and personalization engine like Adobe Target.

This video shows how easy it is to get data from Local Storage and make it available to Adobe Target for first impression targeting.

Adobe Target targetPageParams documentation: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/target/using/implement-target/client-side/at-js-implementation/functions-overview/targetpageparams.html?lang=en

Code used to grab the Wordle solution from Local Storage to Adobe Target:

function targetPageParams() { 

		var str = window.localStorage.getItem("gameState");
		var parsed = JSON.parse(str);
		var solution = parsed.solution;

		return ("solution=" + solution); 


Activity Conversions Use Case

This week, we had a client reach out to us with an interesting use case with one of their Activities in Adobe Target.

The Activity was a test in their cart targeted to visitors who were making their third visit to that location. Adobe Target profiles easily support targeting such an audience but the Analysts needed to only count purchases if they happened during the same session as that third visit.

This video highlights how you can use Adobe Target ‘events’ and data like Profile Attributes as Activity Goals and still have the data in Adobe Analytics via A4T.

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And screenshots of the “Primary Goal Configuration” to automate the flow of this data into Analytics:

Adobe Target Host Groups

One of our customers here at MiaProva is expanding their testing efforts and use of Adobe Target well beyond their www and mobile site. They are bringing Adobe Target to their Email Platform, and we are helping them do so.

The magic that is making this possible is Adobe Target’s Delivery API. You have to call Adobe Target before emails get sent because you can’t put mboxes or Adobe Target server calls in email. The Delivery API does precisely this. It calls Adobe Target with data, just as a client-side mbox does on the site, and it gets a response based on any Activities and Audiences configured in Adobe Target.

Host Groups

The challenge this organization is dealing with was permissions within Adobe Target. The team developing this incredible capability for email testing with Adobe Target didn’t have the necessary Approver rights. Given they were new to Target and this organization has hundreds of live activities in place, handing out Approver rights wasn’t an initial option.

Host Groups was the fix, and after talking to a few other companies today, I realized a video might be helpful to the Target community, so here you go:

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