MiaProva Q1 2023 Updates

We recently updated MiaProva with additional features and functionality. Here is a list of some of the enhancements that we review in this Video:

– Download Swimlane information
– Program and Journey Specific Notifications
– Workfront
– Side Panel configurations
– Field length for multi/single select values
– Updated Template for Email Summary
– Add Naming functionality for Creative URL
– Updated Text on Home Page for Activities
– Removed drag and drop for General User type
– Various performance enhancements
– Images sorting

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How to update your MiaProva certificate in Adobe I/O

Organizations connect their Adobe Target, and Adobe Analytics accounts to MiaProva via Adobe I/O. MiaProva provides a digital certificate to organizations to upload to Adobe I/O to make the connection happen.

After 12 months, Adobe automatically expires all certificates. MiaProva sends out an alert when the certificate expiration date is nearing. This video shows how to download a new certificate from MiaProva to upload to Adobe I/O, which extends the connection for another 12 months.

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MiaProva Case Study Custom Metrics

When organizations start using MiaProva, they are asked to define Program metrics for Program Visibility.  MiaProva will automatically manage the calculations behind each metric with each Activity archived and added to the Program Overview. 

This quick video highlight what some of our financial customers are doing with the metric of Application Completes.

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MiaProva User Interface Review: Happening Now

This video provides a brief overview of the Happening Now section of the MiaProva application. Here users can see all Activities that are live, any associated alerts, and real-time data for A4T and non-A4T Activities.

The MiaProva status board also provides management of all Live Activities and the MiaProva tickets across the various stages of the Activity lifecycle.

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