October 2023 Updates

Product Enhancements – October 2023

Activity Notifications
– When Activated
– When Deactivated

New Product List View

Audience Filtering Updates

Additional Support for multiple mboxes
– Swimlane Management
– Audiences with Activities

Enhancements to non-Adobe Target Activity Sources

New Program Overview Design and User Interface

Code Library Enhancements

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MiaProva connects Adobe Data to Microsoft Teams

This video demonstrates integrating your Microsoft Teams account with your MiaProva account and what the integration provides.

MiaProva provides risk-mitigating monitoring and alerting services based on all Live Activities in Adobe Target. This service has been extended to Microsoft Teams so that organizations are made aware of any potential issues regarding the performance of an Activity – based on defined Journeys in MiaProva and with data collected from Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.

MiaProva has also extended our Program Workflow Notifications into Microsoft Teams. This allows visibility into the events within the MiaProva workflow or via our integrations with JIRA and Adobe Workfront.

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OAUTH Credential Configuration in MIaProva for Adobe

Adobe JWT and OAUTH

Here is a nice primer on how the Adobe Developer Console provides credentials to Projects within Adobe I/O. MiaProva was built using JWT, and is thrilled Adobe is moving to OAUTH and deprecating JWT.

This video also demonstrates how easy it is for current MiaProva customers to update their Adobe credentials from JWT to OAUTH.

All future MiaProva customers will immediately be able to leverage OAUTH as their default method to connect to the Adobe Developer Console.

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Activity Impressions and Activity Conversions explained. Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics (A4T)

Analytics for Target (A4T) – using Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for your Adobe Target Activities is one of the most powerful features of Adobe Target.

A4T enables several components in Adobe Analytics, including Activity Impressions and Activity Conversions. This video explains how to use them and what they mean in Adobe Analytics based on what you have configured in Adobe Target.

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Report Groups for Adobe Target’s Automated Personalization

I have long been a big fan of Automated Personalization (AP) in Adobe Target. One of the critical features to extract as much value from it as possible is Report Groups for offers used in AP.

Report Groups allow you to folder or bucket similar offer themes. One client of mine recently took my advice to do this exercise and, since doing so, has realized a 28% lift with the targeted group vs. control by raising the conversion lift to 9% from 7%

This video shows you this concept in action.

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