Last Time for Lost Time

What is your most valuable, irreplaceable resource in the never-ending quest to engage your customers? 


It passes, it’s gone, and you can never recover it.

An inferior customer experience, a mediocre campaign, lackluster messaging: these cause days and weeks to slip by without gain. New customers go to competitors, and now you have the chore of winning them back. Customer loyalty languishes, along with customer wallet share and lifetime value, and it becomes harder to fund marketing. 

Haphazard experimentation eats up irreplaceable time. 

This is why you need great test management. Great test management effectively uses every minute for: 

  • coaxing customers away from competitors
  • finding new customers  
  • more deeply engaging your customers’ trust and attention
  • gaining deeper loyalty and wallet share
  • proving your efficacy as a marketing organization, worthy of more resources and greater investment 

Of course, none of us is happy about time slipping past, or not getting the most out of every opportunity. How, exactly, are we supposed to seize the minutes, wringing everything we can from them?

The really successful organizations I’ve worked with connect their testing operations with their business strategy. They accomplish this with a proven organizational glue: management. Test Management cements your business strategy goals into your test operations.

MiaProva’s Program Overview indicates at a glance how the program has contributed to business goals. Of course, you have more than one goal, which is why this overview allows you to select which goal to view. You can also select by customer segment, dates, locations, etc. The panel at the bottom of the page displays each test and its impact.

Without test management, your test activity can’t accomplish all that you need from it. Here’s how test management can help you get what you need.

Your Optimization Needs Do it This Way Not this Way MiaProva Test
Management Features
Run experiments that have an impact, and really move us toward our goals. Estimate the potential impact of a test Review past learnings for insights and to avoid re-learning  Rapidly retract tests that have a negative impact
Unwittingly re-run past experiments Spend time on tests that will have little impact Let negative tests continue longer than absolutely necessary Spend time on tests that are poorly designed Idea Quality Score calculated for every idea, based on perceived difficulty and value. Guide to optimization  – sample size, meaning, and significance of results; built-in testing best practices Get instant alerts when test experiences break or hurt a KPI Automated knowledge library allows search of past tests, by location, outcome, and impact

Develop stakeholder skills to contribute ideas, analysis, and knowledge to testing, and absorb the learnings  Involve stakeholders in the program’s activities and success.  Every experiment tells a story, and it needs to be amplified and shared.  Make legends that resonate. Bust myths that obstruct progress. One or two people think of tests to run, working in isolation.

Crowdsource testing ideas and standardize prioritization. Everyone collaborates to create the best possible testing program. Build and share case studies detailing inspiration, hypothesis, variables, and results.  One-click to create and distribute test summary, including design and business impact.

Demonstrate that the testing program is delivering significant benefits. Have impact metrics at your fingertips.   Rely on notes or  screenshots indicating a test “increased conversion by x%,” but can’t quantify the impact on business goals One source for reporting and modeling that track impact on business goals over a period.  Show and Tell how the testing program is contributing to the bottom line, including contribution to each KPI in any period View tests by impact, location, date, KPI goal

Never be caught off guard by test activity Know-how testing is fitting in with customer and marketing activity See at a glance what’s going on right now, including impacts and results Look at your notes, and ask colleagues what they have in the process; look at analytics to see if anything unusual is happening Single Test Management home page shows all tests currently live, under development, or awaiting release  Test Management Workflow tracks requests, tasks, prioritization, QA, and status  Easy calendar view of all tests and key events

Effective managers can lead organizations and people of any maturity, and MiaProva is just such a manager. Features of MiaProva’s test management help organizations wherever they are on the optimization learning curve. It is your number one strategic asset for continuously improving your customer experience, whatever your organization’s skills and resources.  

The most effective programs have broad stakeholder participation, especially for finding and prioritizing test ideas. MiaProva makes it easy to chip in with ideas and opinions. People submit ideas, “like” ideas already submitted, and vote on the ideas they feel will have an impact. MiaProva assigns a Quality Score to ideas based on estimates of effort and return.  

Optimization PhDs use MiaProva to: 

  • Communicate their program’s business value and strategic impact
  • Share stories about customers and experiences with all stakeholders, to increase skills and participation
  • Review past learnings for insights, for great test ideas, to avoid lost time from re-learning, to improve future tests
  • Know at a glance the current status of tests in-process and under development, and how those tests impact KPIs

Testing Undergrads use MiaProva to: 

  • Coach them in managing test activity, via alerts on test progress and findings
  • Create and choose great test ideas
  • Run tests effectively, with best practices in sample size, timing, and audience
  • Understand the meaning and significance of test results
  • Communicate impacts and insights of individual tests and the test program
  • Come by and sign up for a trial, or to learn a more. You’ll quickly see how to make time work for you.

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