Improve Collaboration with MiaProva

Improve Collaboration with MiaProva

Successful testing programs require strong collaboration across cross-functional teams. With the MiaProva platform, we have built in various features to seamlessly make collaboration easier. With an easy to use interface, testing managers can increase stakeholder buy-in and promote efficiency in the testing process, starting from ideation all the way through knowledge sharing.

Generating and sharing ideas within the organization is easy with MiaProva. Starting in the Plan My Test section, all users with a MiaProva account are able to submit ideas, which are then aggregated and shared on the Idea Board.

On the Idea Board, is a visual with a grid displaying Estimated Return mapped against Level of Effort. Over on the right are newly submitted ideas that members of the testing community can vote on. This grid works in two ways by allowing members of the testing community to:

a) vote on ideas; and

2) weigh in on perceived level of estimated return and level of effort

These capabilities provide a clear visual when making decisions about testing in the face of competing resources within the organization.

The more votes an idea receives, the larger the bubble gets. This feature is key in providing an unbiased metric when prioritizing tests by easily soliciting responses from all members of the team for improved stakeholder buy in. Users can also move the position of the bubble based on perceived level of estimated return compared to level of effort.


What makes this even more valuable is that MiaProva is able to aggregate the number of votes and level of estimated return and level of effort into a standardized idea quality score using a proprietary algorithm, and than rank test ideas in order to improve prioritization. Test with low effort and high return are ranked higher.  This quality score is meant to provide work stream leaders a view from the community on how others evaluated this test and is viewable on the Submitted Tests section of the Manage Test page.

Below is a video that highlight these features within MiaProva.


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