Adobe I/O and MiaProva

Adobe I/O is Adobe’s developer ecosystem where Adobe makes available its APIs for all of its many products. MiaProva makes very strategic use of the APIs for both Adobe Target as well as Adobe Analytics within Adobe I/O.

Adobe I/O allows MiaProva to manage any and all Activities and Activity Types as well as Recommendations. For those organizations that leverage A4T, MiaProva provides a complete integration there as well for all metrics and calculated metrics.

Upon onboarding MiaProva, we require a connection to Adobe I/O. This process takes just a few minutes to complete but it does expire after 1 year. Adobe does this for security reasons for any and all projects that connect to Adobe I/O.

Within 30 days of your MiaProva/Adobe I/O connection expiration, MiaProva will let you know by way of a separate alert as well a callout in our daily aggregate alerts that it is time to upload a new certificate from MiaProva to Adobe I/O.

That process is also very easy to do and here is a video that shows how simple it is:

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