Report Groups for Adobe Target’s Automated Personalization

Report Groups for Adobe Target’s Automated Personalization

I have long been a big fan of Automated Personalization (AP) in Adobe Target. One of the critical features to extract as much value from it as possible is Report Groups for offers used in AP.

Report Groups allow you to folder or bucket similar offer themes. One client of mine recently took my advice to do this exercise and, since doing so, has realized a 28% lift with the targeted group vs. control by raising the conversion lift to 9% from 7%

The video is about automated personalization in Adobe Target, and the speaker suggests grouping offers in report groups to extract more value out of it. Report groups help automated personalization associate learnings from other similar offers that are from that particular group, and it is a best practice to associate report groups within similar offers. The speaker mentions an example of a client who saw a conversion rate lift from 7% to 9% by creating report groups. Using report groups also helps in getting reporting by different report concepts.

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