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Month: September 2022

Adobe Target Server Side Delivery API

Adobe Target offers a few ways to leverage Adobe Target server-side. This is a video about the implementation of Adobe Target’s server-side delivery API. Traditionally, Adobe Target is installed client-side via a tag management platform, with server calls made out. In the client-side world, the visitor API service is on top, followed by the Adobe Target call and the Adobe Analytics call. The Adobe Target delivery API allows for standard HTTP requests, and Adobe also has SDKs for Node.js and Java. There are some limitations to processing cookies or redirect calls, but there are workarounds. Integrating the experience cloud is a common issue, but this can be resolved by putting the visitor ID service before the Adobe Target call. The video provides an example of a server-side call and passing parameter value pairs. Overall, this video provides a basic overview of Adobe Target’s server-side delivery API.

Links mentioned in the video and sample code:

** If you are leveraging A4T, implement the Visitor ID service before Adobe Target and pass that visitor ID to Adobe Target as you do Analytics.

content-type: application/json
cache-control: no-cache

"id": {
"tntId": "f64f23fefcd74c7384936a1be29db123.35_0"
"context": {
"channel": "web",
"browser": {
"host": "demo"
"address": {
"url": ""
"screen": {
"width": 1200,
"height": 1400
"property": {
"token": "08b62abd-c3e7-dfb2-da93-96b3aa724d81"
"execute": {
"mboxes": [
"name": "server-side",
"parameters": {
"customer": "true"
"index": 1
Video Transcript

How to update your MiaProva certificate in Adobe I/O

Organizations connect their Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics accounts to MiaProva via Adobe I/O. MiaProva provides a digital certificate to organizations to upload to Adobe I/O to make the connection happen.

After 12 months, Adobe automatically expires all certificates. MiaProva sends out an alert when the certificate expiration date is nearing. This video shows how to download a new certificate from MiaProva to upload to Adobe I/O, which extends the connection for another 12 months.

Video Transcript