A4T – Activity Conversions

The Adobe Analytic’s Product team had a pretty significant product release last week that will be greatly appreciated by the A4T and the MiaProva communities. The issue regarding inflated values for Adobe Target Activity Impressions and more importantly, Adobe Target Activity Conversions has been resolved. This will significantly enhance the value A4T brings to Adobe…

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The Adobe Partnership

MiaProva and Adobe Target go way back.  In this blog post, Adobe highlights the relationship and how MiaProva adds values to organizational testing programs.  MiaProva stems from my many years of helping organizations build effective optimization programs using Offermatica, Omniture Test&Target, and finally Adobe Target.  MiaProva’s founders have a long history with Adobe Target and are…

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MiaProva App

Your business partners often want on-demand updates of how their tests are doing, as well as transparency around where their tests are in the global prioritization queue. In an increasingly AI-driven, Alexa/Siri smart home world, they do not necessarily want to log in a tool to read dashboards.

MiaProva’s intelligent Mobile App takes a humanized Q&A approach to directly answer some most key test questions that end users might have.  Instead of having to find answers in complex dashboards, business stakeholders can simply ask MiaProva’s smart app questions such as ‘how is my test doing’, either through voice interaction or click-n-see.

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MiaProva Case Study Custom Metrics

When organizations start using MiaProva, they are asked to define Program metrics for Program Visibility.  MiaProva will automatically manage the calculations behind each metric with each Activity archived and added to the Program Overview. 

This quick video highlight what some of our financial customers are doing with the metric of Application Completes.

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