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MiaProva helps you to optimize your A/B testing programs by
giving you access to a wide range of powerful features including deep integrations with Adobe I/O.

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Think of MiaProva as an additional optimization management layer that sits on top of Adobe Target – enabling you to extend what’s possible with your testing and optimization efforts. Adobe

MiaProva helped British Telecom's digital test and learn programme move to the next level and helped us transform our Adobe Target work into an enterprise-wide optimization program. As a distributed practice, we needed an effective way to improve awareness and visibility of running tests. MiaProva is allowing a better coordination and sequencing of tests across British Telecom digital properties. We really appreciate the ability to share updates on the optimization roadmap with no effort, ensuring everyone is informed about what's being tested when. British Telecom

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  • Managing 100K+ active tests
  • 2500+ active unique users
  • 30% Increase in average test throughput
  • Data Centers in US and EU
  • Security & data privacy compliance
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